UK Bass Radio 
Max_db yeah it's a right pain
Max_db have to loop
EZ RANDOMVIBES max no rush keep going......out door tune outdoor tune
DJ SSR I think it’s because the younger generation don’t have any patience
DJ SSR They always on the go
Max_db lack of attention span lol
DJ SSR Hehehe
Max_db Even the 6 minute house tracks are too long for them haha
DJ SSR All those e numbers in them prime drinks 😂🤣
Max_db Lol
DJ SSR Xbox crew locked 🕹️
Mrs G-rat Chooonn 😍
Max_db It's my birthday next thurs so will be hard to say lol. I might be about friday day though if there's free slots
DJ SSR Ok mate wicked. 21 again I’m guessing same as me and randomvibez
DJ SSR Ok going all out on Xbox locked and super loaded
- G-RAT - tuneeee
TrueEnigma Evening
- G-RAT - gonna hit the bed soon
DJ SSR Big upz G Rat 🔥Emoticon emoticon-71
DJ SSR Good night
DJ SSR Love jubei
DJ SSR Marvellous cain is top pals with him
DJ SSR Big upz dj ace
DJ SSR Friday Feeling 8am-10am UK bass 10am-12pm UK bass 12pm-2pm Dj Hovis 2pm-4pm Dj Bradleybe 4pm-6pm Dj SSR 6pm-8pm DeeJay Ace 8pm-10pm G Rat 10pm-12am DJ Kel 12am-2am DJ SSR Liquid sessions.
C-Web yes yes. thx for the tunes. almost done w the work day
DJ SSR Wicked tunes mate Xbox crew locked and loaded
DJ SSR Wicked vibez bro 🙌🙌thanks for the plugs and tuneage